Macular Degeneration Glasses Reading System

Macular Degeneration Glasses Reading System

Macular Eyewear For Reading and Up Close Tasks


Comprises of a Low, Medium and High powered magnifiers for Macular Degeneration.  Depending on the size of what is being viewed and the severity of the macular degeneration, you will choose either the Low, Medium or High power glasses. ALWAYS USE BRIGHT LIGHT TO VIEW ANY OBJECT OR PRINT

  • See a computer screen

  • Read recipes and cook their favorite dishes.

  • Read cans of soup/labels.

  • Identify their own prescriptions/read labels.

  • Read daily newspaper/do the crossword.

  • Read the TV guide.

  • See who is calling on a cell phone or caller ID.


How To Use Macular Eyewear For Reading

  • Step 1: Make sure you have bright light shining on whatever you are trying to see. Because of your macular degeneration, you need much more light to see objects than other people. Without bright light you will not see well!
  • Step 2: Always choose the weakest strength of reading glasses to achieve the most comfortable clearest image.

    i.e. If you are looking at a letter, first try the weak strength macular eyewear, with proper bright light over your shoulder, slowly bring the letter towards your eyes until clearest image is seen. If not adequate, change to the medium strength pair, then maximum strenth if needed.

Important! As you increase in strength, you will have to hold objects closer to your eyes.

Soon, with repition of your daily activies, you will know what strength works best for you for each task. I.e. weak pair is great for computer and maximum strength is great for prescription bottles. Depending on how severe your macular degeneration is, if you have a mild vision loss, the weak pair may work well for most tasks and only use the medium or maximum strength for finer detail work.

$ 199.00