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Macular Eyewear was founded by a practicing optometrist several years ago. After examining countless patients with macular degeneration it was determined that the highest success rate and best patient satisfaction were with hands-free magnifying devices.  However, these low vision devices were hard to find and very expensive. So this doctor developed Macular Eyewear to provide highly successful low vision aids at an afforadable price.

Macular Eyewear can help your loved one face the challenge of living with macular degeneration, thus improving their quality of life.  This Eyewear will help your loved one be more independent and feel better about him or herself.

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The more “high tech” devices normally prescribed for patients with macular degeneration are effective, but only for about 40% of patients.  However, these devices are also often difficult to use and expensive.  Macular Eyewear was developed to help the other 60%.

The challenge was to find an effective magnifying device for macular degeneration that was easy to use, easily accessible, and cost effective.  Extensive research found that no such device existed.  Some were too expensive.  Others were too difficult to find because they were one of many products sold on general medical device websites.  Still others were hand-held devices, thus difficult to use in everyday living.  At this time, Macular Degeneration is incurable and irreversible, so the goal was to create a device that allowed hands-free, functional vision at a reasonable cost.

The Macular Eyewear kit is made up of four pairs of special glasses, each using different amounts of magnification.  One is for viewing things far away, like the television or peoples’ faces.  This pair has adjustable lenses to allow best focus for far away.  Also in this kit is a set of 3 near vision glasses, with low, medium, or high magnification to use depending on the severity of the macular degeneration and the amount of detail involved in the close work.  This four-pair kit works best for most patients with macular degeneration.  However, the distance glasses can be purchased separately, as well as the set of 3 near glasses.

Macular Eyewear for Distance is simple to use.  Just take off any glasses that you may be wearing and put on the Macular Eyewear for Distance.  Then use the focusing wheel on the right and left side of the frame to bring distance objects into best focus.  With the Macular Eyewear for Distance, you can enjoy T.V., sporting events and more!  Macular Eyewear for Near is also used instead of any glasses you may be currently wearing.  Try each one of the three pairs to determine which is best for the near task at hand.  This Eyewear can help you to pay your bills, read, see your watch, all while keeping your hands free to perform each task! 

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