Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Will Macular Eyewear damage or help my macular degeneration?
A: No, macular eyewear will not change the health of your eyes.

Q: Do I still need to see my eye doctor?
A: Yes.

Q: How can Macular Eyewear allow me to see better?
A: Since macular degeneration causes a blind spot/distortion in your central vision, Macular Eyewear enlarges what you are seeing thus minimizing the blind spot/ distortion allowing you to see better.

Q: Why do I have to hold things close to my eyes when I use Macular Eyewear for reading?
A: Since Macular Eyewear is using strong magnification to improve functional vision, you will have to place reading material closer to your eyes than normal.

Q: Do I need bright light?
A: Absolutely!! Macular degeneration causes you to need much more light than everyone else. If you do not use a bright light, you will not see well.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Due to supply chain problems, we do not offer any refunds.  All sales are final.

Q: How does Macular Eyewear for TV help me see?
A: Macular Eyewear enlarges your tv screen by over 2 times. It will also improve anything else you see in the distance by 2x.

Q: Can I drive using Macular Eyewear?
A: No! It is only to be used in a stationary position. No walking around in them!

Q: What activities may be improved with Macular Eyewear for reading?
A: It all depends on how severe your macular degeneration is. Most people will see an improvement with the following:

  • Reading labels
  • Reading recipes
  • Using checkbook
  • Seeing money (cash/coins)
  • Reading newspaper
  • Using a remote control
  • Seeing price tags
  • Seeing you fingernails ( help with grooming)
  • Many more to list...


Q: What activities may be improved with Macular Eyewear for TV?
A: besides watching tv, people also use macular eyewear for tv for:

  • Seeing friends and families faces
  • Looking out in the back yard
  • General distance viewing


Q: Why should I purchase Macular Eyewear products?
A: So you can increase your independence and not have to rely on friends or family as much.