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“I can navigate the newspaper much better. I also use them to see what type of screws i need for wiring electrical cables.”

William M.
74 years old
Casa Grande, AZ

“I purchased both sets of Macular Eyewear for my mother, the TV Glasses as well as the Reading System. Even though there are still things she cannot see, what she could see is done much easier and with less frustration.”

Scottsdale, AZ

“Macular Eyewear helps me see my pill bottles every morning and I use the weaker pair to watch tv.”

Irven M.
83 years old
Mesa, AZ

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Physician’s Testimonial

Dr. Wendy Muller
Des Moines Iowa

“In my experience, patients who suffer from macular degeneration are helped quite effectively with Macular Eyewear, especially due to their low cost and ease of use”


Steven Baugh, O.D.
Pine Bluff, AK

“For patients suffering from macular degeneration, I find Macular Eyewear to be a cost effective way to help with everyday tasks.”

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results of one of our Macular Eyewear products, send it back to us within 30 days and we’ll will gladly refund your money minus shipping costs and a restocking fee. Return Policy.

Macular Eyewear will help your loved one cope with the problem of living with macular degeneration and improve their quality of life. You can focus on how it can help them to feel better about themselves and how they will be more independent and less dependent on you.

Ask yourself what that is worth to them. And what it is worth to you…

Giving back quality of life.
With macular degeneration, quality of life is the big issue.
We can help the suffering it causes and help give people their quality of life back.

We think that’s pretty important.
That is why, if someone you know and care about is suffering from the effects of macular degeneration, then you need to read this carefully. The chances are that they can not read this themselves, not even if they sit right next to the computer screen, so you will have to read it for them and tell them all about this product that will help them regain their independence………..

“My name is Maria F. and about 15 or 20 years ago I developed this problem with my eyes, macular degeneration. It’s like being blind.

Then I was introduced to these glasses and I love them! With the Close-Up Vision glasses I can read my prescription labels and sign my own name. I couldn’t do that for years. I had to have everyone else sign my name for me.

And with the Distance Vision glasses I can see outside and see people’s faces again.

Thank you Doctor Babu. I love you for what you are doing for us old people and people with this macular degeneration.”

Macular Eyewear will quickly give back quality of life.
If you are caring for a loved one with macular degeneration then we don’t have to tell you that it’s almost as much about your lifestyle as theirs.

A lot of the things that you have to do for them now, like reading package labels and prescription drug bottles, are things they will be able to do for themselves once again. They will be freer and happier and more independent and you can start to get your life back once you don’t have to do every simple thing for them.
Imagine, helping your loved one to once again, on their own, with ease, watch their favorite TV shows read the new releases from their favorite authors, even read articles in their favorite magazines!

Presenting affordable, wearable eyewear created to allow those suffering from macular degeneration to complete vital tasks with ease such as watching TV, see a computer screen, read a book or magazine, see their favorite recipes, and most importantly – see the faces of their loved ones!

Macular Eyewear Distance Viewing

  • Drastically improve watching TV hands-free and comfortably from 5-15 feet away instead of having to be right on top of the TV set.
  • See the faces of friends and family.
  • Participate in tasks that require seeing people, objects, or environments roughly 5-15 feet away from them.
  • See a major improvement in quality of life at an affordable cost.

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Macular Eyewear For Reading and Up Close Tasks

  • See a computer screen
  • Read recipes and cook their favorite dishes.
  • Read cans of soup/labels.
  • Identify their own prescriptions/read labels.
  • Read daily newspaper/do the crossword.
  • Read the TV guide.
  • See who is calling on a cell phone or caller ID.

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Considering the purchase of BOTH products?

To celebrate our company launch we are offering customers who purchase BOTH products for close up and distance viewing a discount off the entire order, as our thanks for trying our products.

Original Price: $349.99

With Discount: $299.99

Buy both and save $50!
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